Long three weeks...

Oh, sweet boy. You have had a rough time the last couple of weeks. It started out with you getting the stomach virus that was going around. You were throwing up so, so much. Then, I thought we had gotten over it, and it reared its ugly head again. You had a second and third round of it. Also, your daddy had the virus two of the days that you did. I stayed home with you two days and two half-days. After the weekend, I was convinced we were illness-free. Then last Tuesday evening you were acting pretty cranky. You woke up at about 4:15 Wednesday morning and I knew just by feeling you that you had a fever. We got out the thermometer, and sure enough, you did. I called your grandma and she went to the school and got stuff around so she could come stay with you.

Wednesday while you were home, we kept your fever down with tylenol and ibuprofen. It finally stayed down Thursday morning, so you went back to daycare. Friday you were fine also. Then comes Saturday morning, when you woke up with a rash on your face. I really didn't think much of it, but Sunday morning you woke up with the rash all over your tummy and back. I was still hoping it was nothing, but you couldn't go to daycare without seeing a doctor first. Monday morning your daddy got up early and took you to the doctor in Cherokee. They diagnosed you with Fifth's Disease. However, by the time the rash appears, it is no longer contagious. So, back to daycare you went. Wednesday started Thanksgiving Break, so you got to stay home a little more.

Finally, three weeks later, and I think we're all better. I'm pretty sure there are some teeth coming through again, though, as you have been drooling like crazy. Your nose is also running pretty steadily. You haven't truly eaten in almost a month. When you would try to eat, it would just come back up. I'm hoping that soon you will start eating again.

One night while you were sick and throwing up, your daddy was eating sopapilla cheesecake. You were sitting with him and gave him the funniest looks while he was eating in front of you.



Thursday we went to your grandma and grandpa's house for Thanksgiving. We had a small one this year, with only my grandparents, my parents, and Tanner. It was good to be with our family, though, and they all loved spending time with you.

And, after almost 16 months, we finally left you overnight for the first time. Well, I did, I guess. You've been away from your daddy, but not me. You stayed with your grandma and grandpa and Uncle Tanner Friday night. Your daddy and I just went out to eat for his birthday and finally slept ALL NIGHT! You did not sleep all night, though. You were wide awake from 1-5 a.m. You normally wake up at home at about 1:00 and will not go back to sleep unless you are with me. We've tried and tried to break it, but so far we've had no luck. I keep hoping that one day we'll turn over a new leaf and you will finally be a good sleeper.

We have a big week with ballgames and then Saturday you'll be going to watch a state championship football game! I'm so glad you are feeling better and I'm looking forward to being home with you for Christmas break!


Happy Birthday to Your Daddy!


Today is your daddy's 28th birthday. He is the best daddy in the world to you, and he loves you so very, very much. He loves teaching you new things and is so proud of you. You are a lucky boy to have him... but we feel the same about you. :)


15 Month Well Check and the Nasty Flu

Well.... the ugly flu bug has reared its head in our house. Tuesday afternoon I had to leave school and get you from daycare because you had started throwing up. Oh my word I have never seen so much vomit, especially from such a little boy. You had no energy and you were so, so pale. It was so sad. Today you were much better and have even kept four sippy cups of pedialyte down.

I had scheduled your one-year well check for today, and then of course you ended up sick. I called and they said to go ahead and bring you in. Unfortunately, they thought you should go ahead and get your shots. So... since we were behind and never got your one year shots, you got those plus your 15-month shots. You got six total. It was a whole new sad. :(

You weighed 24.1 pounds which is between the 25th-50th percentile and 33.25 inches which is above the 95th percentile. As a baby, you were short and stubby and now you are tall and slender.

You are so much fun right now! You can say mama, dada, mine, more, eat, thank you, and hi. You also will try to repeat words we say to you.

You can give kisses, wave bye-bye, give high five, and raise your arms when we say "touchdown" (sometimes on this one -- it's hit and miss).

You eat all table foods, but you aren't much of an eater. About six weeks ago I took your bottle away and you finally took to a sippy cup.

You are the biggest little monkey ever. You climb everything. There is nothing you are afraid of.

You still do not sleep through the night. Maybe soon? It would be so nice to sleep all night long, even for one night!

Along those same lines, we still have not left you overnight. Maybe soon that will happen also.

Everyday you figure out something new, and I feel like I am constantly chasing you. Probably because I am. :)

I will take some pictures when you feel better...

We love you, Raegan.



Dear sweet, sweet, precious, sleeping child-of-mine,

If you continue to do things like STAND UP IN YOUR HIGH CHAIR AND BOUNCE AROUND, you are going to give me a heart attack. Seriously.

You fell and hit your poor little head at daycare today. You have a pretty nice size bruise on the side of your face. :( Breaks my heart. But I have a secret -- your daddy was so worried he had to go check on you at lunch. I think you have him wrapped around your finger. :)

Your 12-month well-check is Wednesday evening. Breaks my heart to think about all the shots you'll be getting. I hope daddy can make it to Cherokee to come, too. I hate seeing your sweet little face while they're giving you your shots.

I just picked up the living room -- you successfully made it look like a tornado had gone through Toys-r-Us. You're asleep, and now it's my turn.

Love you sweet boy.

Now please stop threatening my health. :)


Monkey Child

Oh, dear monkey boy....


I love you, but you climb EVERYTHING. Today you tried to climb into the window seal, but I caught you first. There is nothing you cannot get yourself into/onto.

The worst part is when you look at us and just laugh and laugh and laugh.

I love you, stinker boy. But I'd be fine if you'd stop the acrobatics.


Precious Bumble Bee

This year for Halloween we went to the pumpkin patch and later in the day we went to Cherokee to your grandma and grandpa's house. You had lots of fun playing football with Uncle Tanner and "trick-or-treating", which really only consisted of going to two houses.

I conned Tanner into holding you still for a picture:

The others turned out fairly good, especially since you don't believe in sitting still for more than 4.7 seconds.


We tried bribing you in this one with your football:



Your orneriness definitely shows in this picture:


Our trip to the pumpkin patch didn't exactly go as planned. You fell asleep on the way there so we had to wake you up to take pictures. Then you wanted to throw the pumpkins... I guess they looked a little too much like balls to throw. We were still able to snap a few pictures that didn't turn out too bad.






And this is what you did in between the pumpkin patch and trick-or-treating:

This picture was taken at the beginning of October, but it is a classic look of your daddy. Classic.

Later that evening we watched the OU game and then headed home late, late that night. Next year I'm sure you'll be more excited for Halloween once you figure out the treats you get!