2 Months!

Dear Raegan,

One week ago you turned 2 months old! I only thought the first month passed quickly! This last month has gone by way too fast. I had to do the hardest thing ever this week, and that was leave you to go back to work. I have missed you so much during the day and I constantly wonder about you!

In the last month you:

  • Shot up to 11 pounds, 5 ounces and 22 inches! Your weight is in the 50th percentile and your height is in the 25th percentile. So while you've grown so much from birth, you're still a little peanut.
  • Moved up to 5 ounces per bottle, and just in the last couple of days, you are not quite satisfied with that!
  • Will smile at mommy and daddy, Samantha, and your grandma and grandpa.
  • Have been to 6 more football games!
  • Have been on 2 overnight trips to Medford (with us of course).
  • Are sleeping better than the first 6-7 weeks, but you still wake up about every 3-4 hours, day or night.
  • Have started blowing rasberries.
  • Can hold your head up very well for only being 2 months old.
  • Are about to outgrow your newborn clothes. I had planned on you being in 0-3 months when you were born, so you have a TON of clothes that you will never get to wear because they are for warm weather and we no longer have warm weather!
  • Still have a head full of blonde hair and big blue eyes!
  • Get very excited when I ask you if you are a happy boy!
  • Have been to 5 more doctor's appointments. 2 for you and 3 for me.
  • Will go back to the pediatric urologist in January for hopefully the last time. The doctor told us your hydronephrosis was so minor and he wasn't even concerned about it. We have been waiting to hear those words since May. Praise God from Whom all blessings flow!

We are looking forward to your 1st Halloween and many other firsts that will come in the next month. Our hearts are overflowing with love and joy that you have brought to us.