Squash.....and a Snow Day!


I was out of school for the last two days and I've loved being here with you! You did some of this:

and a little bit of this:

What were you watching?

You LOVE Barney. If you are ever crying or not happy, we play the Barney song and you stop immediately! Your grandma gave us two Barney DVDs Monday, and we let you watch them last night. You got sooo excited and were yelling and talking to the TV!

Outside, it looked like this:

You have been eating sweet potatoes for about a week and a half. Like your daddy, you love them, although he didn't love the ones you were eating!! On Thursday, we tried squash for the first time. You were not such a big fan and kept looking at me like, "Where's the good stuff?"

These two pictures sum up your thoughts perfectly:

And, finally, a daddy with long eye lashes + a momma with long eyelashes = double long eyelashes for you:


5 Months!


Dear Raegan,

It seems like yesterday that I met you for the first time, and now you are already five months old! I love watching you learn new things and seeing daily the little person you are becoming. But, I hate that it is going so quickly. I love your little chubby cheeks, your deep blue eyes that shine like the sun, your toothless grin that encompasses your entire face, and how excited you get when you see your daddy... or me. :)

I love knowing that I have not missed any of your time here with us. Each day you change so much, and I know we can't get these days back. I am forever thankful that I have been able to appreciate each and every day with you and experience your ever-changing personality.

You are so excited for everything in your life, especially your bottles. And lately, you are completely excited by the animals. They, however, are still trying to decide just what exactly you are!

In the last two months, you have experienced your first Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. I still struggle every morning when I have to leave you, but coming home at lunch to see you and looking forward to seeing you after school get me through the day. I don't remember what life was like before you were with us, and I wouldn't have it any other way!

Your daddy and I finally went out alone for 2 hours to eat on New Years Eve. We still have not left you overnight, and during the day is the longest I have been away from you. Maybe someday, but I'm just not quite ready for that yet. It took us so long to be blessed with you that I have trouble letting you go!

What are you up to lately?

-At your 4-month well-baby check, you weighed 16.10 and were 24 inches long.
-You drink 7 ounces in your bottle.
-You wear a size 3 diaper.
-You still wear some size 0-3 month clothes, but we are starting to fill out the 3-6 month sizes.
-You HATE being on your stomach.
-Because of your extreme hatred for laying on your stomach, you have only rolled over 3 times. The first time was on New Years Eve, and you grandma was able to see it with us!
-We are just about ready to switch you to your new car seat. You are no longer comfortable in your infant carrier!
-You refused to eat rice cereal, so I refused to make you. :)
-The day after your five-month birthday, you ate baby food for the first time! We started with sweet potatoes, and you LOVE them! (Your daddy is a sweet potato fanatic, so the apple doesn't fall far from the tree!)
-Your giggle makes me laugh and cry at the same time. It is music to my ears - music I could listen to all day!
-You are a professional drooler!
-Everything you grab goes straight to your mouth.
-You definitely know your daddy and I, and also your grandma, grandpa, Uncle Tanner, and Samantha.
-Everyone comments on what a happy baby you are, and they are right. The only time you are not happy is when you are extremely tired or hungry.
-When you are fussy, you want your mama. And that is fine by me. :)

We love you, Raegan.