11 Months


Where has the time gone? In only a month we will celebrate your first birthday. This has been the fastest and best year of my life. I can't believe your first year of life is almost over. We have been blessed beyond measure. You are the light of our lives.

The day before you turned 11 months - July 14, 2010, you started walking!! A week later and you were a full-time walker. No more of that silly crawling business!! You LOVE Charlie, pulling Charlie's tail, and resting your entire body on Charlie. It's adorable (except for the pulling of the tail) and I think Charlie must enjoy it also.


I have absolutely no idea what you weigh or your height!! The last time we checked was at your 9-month appointment, which was 2 months ago.

On June 28, you got your first haircut! You did SO good and only squirmed a little bit. Overall it was much better than I anticipated.



You are wearing a size 4 diaper. You eat three times a day and when you take a bottle, you drink 7 ounces. Some days you may take two bottles, other days four. It depends on your mood and our schedule for the day.

We have made several trips to Medford this summer so you could see your grandparents. We have also made a TON of trips to Cherokee to swim, cook-out at my mom and dad's house there, and visit with Tanner and boys when they were staying there.


The first week of July you and I went to Falls Creek and left daddy at home. :( I'm sure it was much harder on him than me, because it was his first time away from you. You LOVED seeing your grandma and grandpa every day. There was also no shortage of kids to entertain you. You ate up every bit of attention you got. You attended services in the tabernacle, listened to Dutton Band, watched the Skit Guys, visited Devil's Bathtub, and went with mama and grandma on a three-hour, four-cart grocery shopping trip to Sulphur. I hope you get to experience these things many, many more times in your life. These are all things your daddy and I grew up experiencing and I think it is so neat that you will also.


I have only two weeks left at home with you. I can't even describe the sadness I have at having to go back to school. I have loved being here with you. You will start at a new daycare also. She is one of my good friends and I am so happy you will spend your days there. I will miss you terribly.

We are getting ready to go on vacation with Tanner and grandma and grandpa. I'm sure we will have a lot of fun and you will eat up all the extra attention you will get! We are also preparing for your first birthday party! We can't wait to celebrate our amazing gift, you, with our family and friends!

8 Months:

(You were at the no-taking-picture stage here)

9 Months:


I need to find your 10-month picture and take your 11-month picture (only a little late!).

We love you to the moon and back.